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Our Bøyum farm (farm 4)

The name Bøyum was written Bøum in 1567, in 1667 Bøyum, in 1723 Bøyom and in 1898 Bøium. Today it is Bøyum in Norway, but the American part of the family is called Boyum.

Our family came from farm 4 and another old farm called Hamrum. Ingebrikt was the first known user of the part of the Bøyum farm we came from. This was in year 1603 and the tax was 1 "laup" 2 "pd" (about 18.5 kilogram) butter and a skin of a cow. In 1640 the user was Ola Ingebriktson. His wife's name was Brita Eivindsdtr.. Ola died early and his wife remarried with Hermund Kjellson. They used the farm until the year 1650. Hermund was born approximately 1620 and he lived in Grønsberg in Vik before moving to Bøyum. He was not accepted when he came to Bøyum, and since he was a man that never went away for a fight, he started a fight with a man named Stillaug Våtevik. They where drunk and Hermund said a lot of things he should not have said. They had to involve the authorities and it ended with conciliation. Hermund had to pay money and admit he was wrong. Hermund died in 1687.The farm was split between his two sons Kjell and Hermund. Kjell got most of the farm, and Hermund got a small part. The part was so small that he could not survive on it. Hermund had to give away his land to his half brother Knut Olson (the son of Ola Ingebriktson), but Hermund's brother Kjell was the user of the farm. Kjell Hermandson was born in 1659. In the year 1701 he had three sons living on the farm. Their was named Ingebrikt, Alf and Sylfest. Kjell was one of the farmers that in 1712 had to pay an extra tax because of the "Big Nordic War". Together with 3 neighbours he decided not to pay the tax. So did most of the farmers in Sogn. We know that his son Ingebrekt married and moved to the farm Skagestad. His son Sylfest got the farm. Sylfest Kjellson was born approximately 1688 and was married in 1724 with Gjertrud Andersdtr. Mundal. Sylfest died in 1741, and his son Ole moved to the farm Indre-ese, his son Anders got the farm and the youngest son Kjell was never married and lived on the farm. Their mother remarried with Jon Sjorvatson Berge. He controlled the farm until he died in 1751 and Anders Sylfestson took over. He married Lussi Andersdtr... It was really Ola Sylfestson that paid out all debt and owned the farm, but when he moved to Indre-ese he sold the farm to his brother Anders. Anders died in 1771 and his belongings split between his widow and the daughter Gjertrud. In 1789 Gjertrud was married to Ivar Hanson Kvamme. She gave him half of the farm in wedding present. Her mother Lussi promised the other half of the farm if they got a child. Gjertrud got a child, but died giving birth. They got a daughter, but she died soon after she was born. Ivar Hanson Kvamme then bought the other half of the farm and remarried with Sigrid Mikkjelsdtr. Eitorn. The got two daughters named Gjertrud and Ingrid. In 1786 Ivar died and his widow remarried Anders Torson Stølen. Anders He kept the farm going until his daughters was old enough to take over. Gjertrud took over the farm and she married Johannes Sjurson Huke in 1806. Anders still lived on the farm until he died in 1825. Anders and Sigrid had 4 children. Ivar, Synneva that married Per Olson Horpedal, Randi that married Nils Jonson Mundal and Kari that married Markus Sjovatson Huke. Johannes Sjurson died in 1848 (73 years old). Johannes and Gjertrud had 5 children. Sjur got the farm, Andres, Unni that married Sjur Olson Huke, Sigrid that married Ola Jonson Husebø and Brita that married Sjur Mikkjelson Mundal. Sjur Johannesson was born in 1814 and married Unni Ivarsdtr. Supphellen in 1838. They had 6 children, Johannes and Ivar d.e. that got the farm, Brita that was married to Hans Anderson Bøyum, Gjertrud that married Lars Kjellson Hamrum, Sigrid that married Ola Arnfinnson Kvalheim and Ivar d.y. that immigrated to USA. Sjur was in many ways a special man. He bought several small parts of land that he added to the farm. The farm was so big that when he died they divided the farm in two. Johannes got the part that still named Bøyum farm 4, and Ivar d.e. got net new farm we today name Bøyum farm 5. Johannes Sjurson Bøyum was born in 1839 and married Åsa Torsdtr. Sværen in 1865. They immigrated to USA in 1875 and the farm was sold to Lars Kjellson Hamrum that was married to his sister Gjertrud. They later moved to Førde and sold the farm to Tor Åsmundson Mundal. He was married to Eli Torsdtr. Våtevik. They didn't have any children. Tor died and the widow remarried his brother Anders Amundson Mundal. They got 4 children, Tor and Sigvald who got the farm, Oddmund (schoolmaster in Balestrand) and Turid that married and moved to Kvåle in Sogndal.

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