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The LOSNA Coat of Arms

Our Bøyum (Boyum) family relates back to the old vikings. The coat-of-arms shown in the picture above is from the Losna clan where our part of the Bøyum family are releated. The coat-of-arms from the Losna clan is from around year 1000-1300. A man named Filippus Erlandson Josna (1290 - 1340) was a part of this clan. Filippus had a son the called Fartein. Fartein Filippusson was named Filipus. Filipus Farteinson again had the son Fartegn. Fartegn Filipusson Losna (1415 -1450) is our link into the Josna clan.

Coat of Arms

Coat of arms drawn by Anders Thiset for Danmarks Adels Aarbog 1902


Losna clan was part of a Norwegian aristocrat clan in medieval times. Their headquarters were at the farm Losna on the island Losna, north of Sognefjord mouth.

The most prominent clan members were:

Erlend Filippusson (Born in 1330's, died in 1407) (Father: Filippus Erlendsson)
Eindrid Erlandson (Born around 1384 died in 1440) (Father: Erlend Filippusson)
Erlend Eindridsson (Born 1400 and died about 1450) (Father: Eindrid Erlandson)