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Bøyum's that emigrated from Fjærland

It's a lot of people named Bøyum that emigrated to USA. Almost everybody was related to Fjærland in Sogn, but they where not necessarily from the same family. From the local history book we now that the following persons emigrated.

Farm 1
Arne and Erland Erikson Bøyum (sons of Eirik Arneson Bøyum and Brita Ellensdtr Tufte) both emigrated to America. Arne Eirikson Bøyum (b. 1794) and his wife Brita Jonsdtr. emigrated in 1848. Ivar Andersson Bøyum (son of Anders Johannesson Bøyum and Gjørid Mikkjelsdtr Mundal) left Norway some years later. Brita Andersdtr Bøyum (Ivar's sister) married Knut Hansson Tufte. They emigrated aproxematly the same time as Ivar.

Farm 2
As far as we know no one from this farm emigrated.

Farm 3
Rasmus Arnfinnson Bøyum (son of Arnfinn Olson and Brita Olsdtr. Bøyum) emigrated together with his sister Gjertrud Arnfinndtr Bøyum. Gjertud married Asbjørn Johanneson some years later. Ola Arnfinnson Bøyum (b. 1808) and his wife Solveig Larsdtr. Bøyum sold farm 3 to Sjur Johannsson Bøyum in 1848 and emigrated.

Farm 4
Ivar dy. Sjursson Bøyum (son of Sjur Johannesson Bøyum [b. 1814] and Unni Ivarsdtr Supphellen) emigrated to America. Ivar dy.. We belive that it was Ivar that helped Knut, Ole and their family they emigrated in 1907. Ivar dy. was their uncle. Johannes Sjurson Bøyum and his wife Åsa Torsdtr Svaeren sold the farm to Lars Kjellson Hamrum Bøyum and Gjertrud Sjursdtr Bøyum in 1875 and emigrated.

Farm 5
This farm was splitted from farm 4 in 1842. The only persons we know emigrated from this farm where the brothers Åmund, Sjur and Per Ivarsson Bøyum.

Farm 6
Lars and Hans Olson Bøyum (sons of Ole Larsson Bøyum and Mari Hansdtr Tufte) are the only persons we know emigrated from this farm.

Farm 7
As far as we know no one from this farm emigrated.

Other farms
Lars Kjellson Bøyum was born on the Hamrum farm. From this farm Ivar Olason Hamrum son of Ola Kjellson Hamrum and Gjøron Ivarsdtr Supphellen. Ola was Lars Kjellson Bøyum elder brother.
Other people named Bøyum also emigrated. My grandfather's brothers Knut (Knute) and Ole emigrated with their sister Unni (June) after their father had sold the farm in Fjærland and moved to Vestfold.
This could apply for several Bøyum's in the United States.

The farms in front of the Bøyum farm area is called Tufte or Tuftane through all times. This area is divided into 3 farms, and some smallholder also lived here. We can also find Bøyum's from this farms. From these farms we know that a Kari Hansdtr from Tufte farm number two went to America. From Tufte farm number three Synneva Hansdtr emigrated. A very well known Bøyum in Minnesota pastor Arne Ellendson Bøyum (b. 1833). He was the son of smallholder Ellend Eirikson Bøyum (b. 1797). He was married Anna Sjovatsdtr, and the emigrated with their 7 children in 1856. Pastor Arne Ellemdson Bøyum was a priest in Arendal, Fillmore county from 1876 to 1896. He died in 1913. A lot of the smallholder or their children emigrated and most of them used the surname Bøyum/Boyum.

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