JuleBrus saft - Christmas juice (Non-alcoholic)

Some time ago I saw an article from the USA about Norwegian Christmas traditions. There it was mentioned Norwegian Christmas soda.
This is probably not available over there, so here is a recipe for a juice variant without carbonation.


How to make homemade Christmas "soda" juice

1 liter of water

1. Put water, sugar, lemon juice and grated lemon zest in a pot. Cook until the sugar has completely dissolved.

400 grams of sugar

2. Put lightly crushed anise seeds, currants, vanilla bean and cinnamon stick in the pot. Stir and gradually mash the currants against the edge of the pan while cooking.

1 lemon, both the juice and the zest

3. Cook until you get the consistency you want on the juice, about 10-15 minutes should be enough.

3 teaspoons anise seeds

4. Allow the pot to cool overnight.

100 - 150 grams of currants

5. Strain the juice and transfer to bottles. If you do not want any sediment, but a clear juice, you can strain through a coffee filter.

1/2 vanilla bean, without seeds

1 cinnamon stick

Good luck with the cooking, hope it tastes good!

There may be a strong taste in the juice. Mix with water when you drink it so that the taste is the way you want it.