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Personal information

My name is Jan-Ivar Bøyum. I am an active man at the age of 69 and exercising at least 2 times per week. I still play Team Handball in the veteran league. After I retired as a systems analyst (computers), I have not completely given up to work in this area. I still working on developing systems on a private basis, and may consider taking on development projects. After I retired, I also had the opportunity to update this website.


Picture of me - 7 year old (first day of school)

Professional career

I started my professional life to educate me car mechanic and car electrician. After a period where I was working on this, I had to start school again because of a bad back. I took an education as COBOL programmer, and it was the start of a long career in the computer industry.

I started in BBS (later NETS), where I had a rapid development and worked mostly with relatively new technology. The last 20 years I worked with electronic imaging, scanning and electronic archiving. My career includes:

Project leader developing BBS mainframe system responsible for posting data and print systems
Technical Coordinator in the development of today's image based giro system in Norway. (1988-1990)
Participant and developer in the project that developed the first digital archive at BBS to save Giro (1990 - 1992)
Architect and concept development for Nets Brevgiro system in Norway (submission of check/giro by post) (1992-1993)
Developer of GiroFax system designed for fax transmissions of images (giro) and text. (1994 - 1995)
Developer of the first proprietary archive system in Nets and participant in most development around archive (1995-1997)
Architect and concept Development for the basis of Nets archive architecture (1998-1999)
Data analysis and architecture of most of today's Nets archives and systems around these (1996 - )
30 years experience in IT development on mainframe, Unix and PC

Contact information

eMail.: jan-ivar@boyum.priv.no

Adress: (Ask for it by eMail)

Phone.: (Ask for it by eMail)