Basics about the Bøyum / Boyum name and families.

The Bøyum area was the king's ground already around year 1600. It was already parted into 3 Bøyum
farms (farm 1, 2 and 4). Before year 1800 the farms was dived into 7 farms. All Bøyum / Boyum family is
therefore not necessarily related. In addition, some crofters took the Bøyum name when they
emigrated. One must assume that it is some relationships between families since Fjærland is a small
place, so the risk of marriage between the different families were present.


Balestrand Ættesoge 1

New article about the Bøyum area. This is a translation of chapter 50 - Bøyum from "Balestrand Ættesoge 1" a book published by Balestrand Municipality in 1985.

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Harald Fairhair's saga

My part of the Bøyum family relates back to the old Norwegian viking kings. The one that our Bøyum family relates to are Gyda den Vårgjevne. Since all Bøyum families are not necessarily related, this link does not apply to everyone with the Bøyum / Boyum name. However, there are other links backwards in time to the Norwegian Viking kings.

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My Bøyum family tree

My cousin Unni and myself has done some research into family history. We came relatively far back in time. We have created a family tree that to some extent are searchable so that findings are documented. Family tree is being updated and will have more family members than "The Boyum book" that can be downloaded from the download page.

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Norwegian food recips

I originally collected and sent some Norwegian recipes, including some traditional Christmas dinners, to a cousin in Minnesota. I have now posted them on a website and hope others can benefit from it.

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Christmas cookies (New)

After several questions from US, both family and friends about the tradition of 7 kinds of Christmas cookies for the Christmas holidays, I have chosen to make a small cookbook. This one contains more than 7 varieties, but people usually chose only 7.

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In Norway, the non-alcoholic beverage "julebrus" is popular. This link contains a recipe for a juice version.

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Other articles and links

This is articles and links that has survived the move
to my new website. They are only optimized for multiplatform.

  • Losna coat-of-arms

    The Losna Clan that our Bøyum family relates had a Coat-of-Arms. Here are some facts around this (including the picture)

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  • Norwegian surnames

    Old Norwegian surnames are difficult to understand. It' many Boyum families, and the reason for this is how people got there surnames in the old days.

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  • Fjærland in Sogn

    Fjærland are a small place in Sogne fjord in the western parts of Norway. This is the place Boyum's came from originaly.

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  • Boyum's that emigrated

    This article documents who emigrated to USA from the different Boyum farms and surroundings (using the Boyum name).

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  • Relation to Harald Hårfagre

    Our Boyum family are related to the viking king Harald Haarfagre (850-932). This article will give short presentation.

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  • Our Bøyum farm

    There are more than one Boyum farm. Already in 1609 there where 5 farms and this farms was in 1900 devided into 7 farms.

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